Banking On The Mobile

Every year, consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices. It’s projected that by 2021, consumers will be spending an average of 3.9 hours a day on their mobile devices. How can the financial services industry keep up with its mobile-first customers?

This question is becoming more pressing as visits to high street branches continue to decline. To make the most of the opportunities afforded by mobile, brands will need to create seamless experiences, built with a mobile-first mindset, from first tap through to purchase.

Ensure your creative works on mobile
For retail banks who want to deliver their messages effectively to their audience via mobile, there are a number of creative considerations to bear in mind:

  • Showcase the brand early and lead on the key message. People often watch mobile video in short bursts when they’re on the go, so the first few seconds of your ad matter.
  • Design primarily for sound off. But equally don’t pass up the opportunity to delight with sound on. After all, 60% of global Instagram Stories are viewed with sound.
  • Bring the most exciting frame in the ad upfront. People consume content 41% faster on mobile news feed than on desktop news feed so, with audiences swiping quickly through their feeds, it’s important to make impact early.
  • Find the right balance between message and time. Ads under 15 seconds work best in feed, so shorter is better – but make sure your key messages come through.
  • Build ads that match how people consume content. People use their phones vertically 98% of the time, so make full use of that space and explore video framing.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and experiment. Top-performing ads have an element of surprise, so be creative, test, learn and adapt.