Facebook Top Fans

Have you ever been a local celebrity? 
It’s not quite the same as walking down the red carpet at Cannes, or riots nearly breaking out when you try to nip to the shops but it’s nice to be recognised. 
Even if it is just by the bloke behind the bar. 
That’s what Facebook has rolled out with a new feature that means members can get a ‘Top Fan’ badge next to their name on your page. This badge recognises the time and dedication they have put into interacting with your content. 
This means they will have the internet bragging rights of someone who really identifies with what you are all about.

So it’s like that poser kid with the Linkin Park hoodie
No, see that’s the clever bit. Facebook has not released the exact criteria needed for users to be knighted a ‘Top Fan’. 
This brings in a whole new aspect of gamification where people will have to organically interact with your page in the hopes of getting the badge. 
We do know that it takes into account watching videos, as well as the universal internet mantra of likes, comments and shares.
If they are one of the most active people on your page, they will receive the badge.
Facebook have worked out another way to play with FOMO and increase engagement on the site. This is not a new idea on the internet at all, everywhere message boards show which users are most active by giving the titles and accolades.