go video!

In a time of uncertainty, video plays a significant role in reaching out to your audience to continue to seek who you are as a person and or a business. One thing to always remember is content.

I have previously mentioned the need to plan your social media content. Many reasons surround the why when its comes to this although keeping people engaged and retained comes from being specific about what you want to achieve. Video allows you to do this effectively. The other day I decided I wanted to do a video based on doing a workout in my back yard. The workout was to express via video that you must keep fit and healthy in these times of uncertainty. Keep the mind ticking and refreshed! I was lucky I had my own personal trainer called Roxy (who happens to be my dog).

Using Roxy as a prop I knew she would be hanging around while Dad did his thing. Sure enough when I was doing my medicine ball push ups Roxy came to observe what I was up to then casually walked away like nothing was happening. COOL! Roxy set me up to ask a question of my audience “Who else’s PT just walks off mid set?”. Remember, people who are in your audience may have experienced exactly the same thing as you just asked about. This is an engagement point to start an interaction or a conversation.

Use video to your advantage.