Here we go! Y2K

In the year 1999 I was only a young whipper snapper working my way through the retail ranks at SuperCheap Auto. I loved my job. I really did. The people and the progressive nature of the business lead by the then CEO Bob Thorn was second to none. Looking back over 20 years now, it does not surprise me the organisation I spent 12 years within has reached such great heights of being called the Super Retail Group consisting of SuperCheap Auto, BCF, Rebel Sports and more in the stable.

I admired Bob. His professionalism, drive and commitment for success. He in my eyes was the real deal. Something I wanted to emulate in my own life. Clear direction, goal setting and a will to achieve. In the year 1999 however we approached a “thing” called Y2K! We really did not know what this was at first or even if it was real but, it put the wind up us at the time to be prepared in the case this “thing” became a reality. IT systems were prepped, store opening times were changed (luckily as it was the year 2000) just in case system failures occurred and team members were provided with documented guidance as to what to do in the case all hell broke loose. As we know Y2K as a “thing” did not eventuate. But if it did, we where as prepared as we could ever be.

Now in the current day, we are facing “something” that is very real. Life changing for us all in many ways. You do not have to be an economist to work out that times will be (and often already are) tough for many. To me COIVD-19 provides us all with an opportunity to reset by re-thinking the way in which we live. In business terms you would have heard the terms ‘pivot’ or ‘re-align’ your business. For me it is about reassessing where you are at and how we can strategically plan for the immediate future.

In the past 5 weeks, I have been contacted by business owners, many of whom are distressed, panicked and seeking some form of help and guidance to keep their businesses running. I can’t help but think back over 20 years ago about the same methodigilogy I employ today. Set a clear direction and map out goals that you want to achieve. Remain committed to your path with the help of a trusted advisor.