LinkedIn Jobs

Having grown from 300,000 to 20+ million job postings in the past five years, LinedIn are seeing members apply to around 25 million jobs every week, with a new hire made every 8 seconds. For the 5th consecutive quarter, LinkedIn are also seeing record levels of engagement in the feed, content shared across the platform, and messages sent, and more than ever before, members are using the platform to apply and land the right job for them.  
LinkedIn are evolving their products to make it as simple as possible as possible for both job-seekers and hiring managers. 


  • New instant job alerts: Job seekers who are among the first 25 applicants are up to 3X more likely to land the job and we want to make sure you see the jobs you want the minute their posted. LinkedIn redesigned job alerts will send members a notification within minutes when job that meets their criteria or experience is posted to give them the best chance of getting the job.
  • Jobs Home Redesign: Knowing more than half of job seekers are on mobile, LinkedIn has optimised jobs search to meet that need. The redesigned jobs homepage streamlines LinkedIn Jobs into a single search and scrolling model making it easier to find, review and apply the jobs that are right for you. Need to break from your search? We’ll now automatically save your search and you can dive right back in with a single click or tap on Jobs home.
  • Unlocked Salary Insights on Jobs: Previously a Premium feature, all LinkedIn members can now view salaries on LinkedIn Job postings. No need to submit your salary first, unless you want personalized insights about jobs that might pay you more.
  • Launching soon! Skill Assessments: Skill assessments give members the ability to assess,  validate, and showcase their skills to more effectively stand out. They will also serve as a  tool for recruiters and hiring managers to reliably vet candidates.

LinkedIn are on the way to a more comprehensive engagement platform that entices users to be more active.