The Future of AR

Remember when Pokemon Go came out?
Those were simpler times. Local parks and squares were full of people running around on their phones, desperate to catch a Charizard or even their 20th Zubat. 
Pokémon Go uses the real world as a background for its gameplay.

The hype around that game has died down. However it proved a useful test of an old technology, with a new purpose. AR or augmented reality was catapulted into the mainstream. It proved that people were ready to use it when in the past it had flopped.

The market was not ready for an invasive wearable technology that made you look like some cyberpunk hipster. But phones? We all have one and it’s already in your pocket waiting to be whipped out and pointed at the next Pikachu. 
A huge investment is going into creating new digital spaces and experiments in social networking. Virtual reality and augmented reality will have a huge growth in the coming years.